I love what I do – I’m a geeky kid at heart and technology excites me. I’ve been building websites for over half my life (oof!), and it’s been my job for the last four years.

Friendly, Reasonable WordPress Web Designer in CardiffI design and build websites for WordPress – although I can build directly in HTML and CSS I prefer the flexibility of working with a Content Management System (CMS) and WordPress hits the sweet spot of being user friendly, but with a lot of power under the hood. I also know my way around Photoshop – handy for those small graphic design tweaks most people need when redesigning their website.

All of my sites are responsive, which means they work regardless of what device you’re using to view them. Yay! I also have an interest in User Experience, so I try and make sure that all my designs flow well and help you offer the best experience for your readers.

In the past I’ve offered marketing advice and strategy, social media help and training and various other bits and pieces. I’ve made a conscious decision to focus my efforts on one thing, so you won’t find those things for offer anymore – however, if you need someone in a pinch or for a short term project give me a shout and we might be able to work something out!

People Who Like Me


Sarah Perryman, The Siren Sisters

“Sarah produced a clear and sophisticated website for The Siren Sisters that I am really pleased with. She really knows her stuff and dealt with the changeover of servers and hosting etc for me, something I couldn’t have done on my own. Small businesses can really benefit from the personal touch she brings to what she does.”

Alistair Watkins-Stuart, Slightly Wobbly

“When Sarah and I first met up to discuss the development of my website and brand, I knew I was in safe hands. To say that I’m not au fait with web design and coding would be an understatement, but Sarah put me right at ease with analogies that even my technophobic brain could grasp. Throughout the process Sarah displayed the perfect mix of creativity and objectivity, as well as being incredibly patient with my protracted decision making. If your website/brand needs a facelift, look no further than Sarah Le Jeune.”

Neil Cocker, Dizzyjam

“Having Sarah on hand as a freelancer has been a godsend for us. She’s organised, detail-focused, good humoured, and multi-skilled. As a startup it’s vital for us to have access to those kind of attributes.”

Amy Jones, She Cooks, She Eats

“When I approached Sarah I knew what I wanted the site to look like but had no idea how to create that for myself. Sarah immediately understood what I was looking for and quickly found a template that would suit what I wanted to do. She then installed it and customised it so that it was absolutely perfect. Throughout she was kind and helpful, responding quickly to emails/requests and going as far as helping me choose colours and graphics. The quality of her work is high and working with her is an absolute pleasure. I would recommend Sarah to anyone!”

Sofia & Elena Costa, Costa Sister Productions

“OMG where do we start? you absolutely smashed our vision, we are in LOVE! You just ‘get’ us & aced every tiny detail we wanted. thankyouthankyouthankyou!”

Robert Lo Bue, Applingua

“Over the last two years Sarah has effectively developed Applingua Ltd’s marketing strategy, contributing to an exponential growth in sales. Sarah handles all our direct and indirect marketing activities and is particularly adept at social media management where she has pushed our brand through a variety of different channels. If you are looking for someone who’s not afraid to get stuck in, who can help you define your brand and brand strategy and someone who can get their hands dirty (with WordPress for example!) then look no further. I highly recommend working with Sarah – we value her skills greatly at Applingua HQ.”